Student Counselling Centre


The University Grants Commission has formulated guidelines Ion safety of students on and off campuses of Higher Educational Institutions under reference(i) above and informed that the prime concern of educational administrators across the country to ensure that students are safeguarded against attacks threats and accidents both man-made and natural.

The important components of the said guidelines is that all universities/colleges should mandatorily put in place a broad based "Student Counseling System" for the effective redressal of problems and challenges faced by students.

UGC also emphasis that the teacher counselors, trained to act as the guardians of students at the college level, should remain close touch with the students allotted to them throughout the year cater to their throughout the year cater to their intellectual needs and guide them to move up in their carrer at regular intervals of time.

Accordingly, university has decided that the existing Mentorship system may be upgraded as "Students Counseling System" -which shall be a broad based system involving students ,teachers Parents to address common concern of students and the existing university" Counseling Centre located in the Office of the Principal, medical college shall be the "Student Counseling Centre" for all teacher Counsellor required to be allotted 25 students each as envisaged in the UGC guidelines and constituted the following Committee entitled "Students Counseling Committee".

In pursuance of the approval of the authorities, SSAHE University and in accordance with the guidelines of UGC, it is hereby constituted "Student Counseling Committee" in the SSAHE. university constituted the members for effective redressal of problems, challenges faced by the students as envisaged by the UGC/MIIRD referred to above.