Go Green Inititative

Thanks to the initiative by the Chancellor and the team which includes the faculty and all the students at SSAHE, a conscious effort is made towards ensuring a green and clean campus. Thousands of saplings are planted from time to time to add to the greenery of the campus.

Conscious effort is made to pursue knowledge and practices that can lead to more environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions and lifestyles which can help protect the environment and sustain its natural resources for current and future generations.

Various environment friendly factors such as Water, Air & Noise, Land, Parking, Flora & Fauna, Socio Economic, Solid Waste Treatment, Solar Systems contribute in making an eco-friendly campus.

We at the Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education (Deemed to be University u/s 3 of the UGC Act, 1956), Tumkur, Karnataka are taking care of all these above mentioned factors in the following ways:

i) Water

a) Water requirement:

The total water requirement for the University is 488 KLD. Water quality of ground as well as surface resources in the area has been studied for assessing the water environment. Quality of water supplied by Heggere Grama Panchayat in the area is potable. Rain Water Harvesting has been provided for recharging the aquifer to compensate for withdrawal to some extent.

b) Waste Water Generation:

About 268 m3/day of wastewater is being generated. Sewage Treatment Plant of 300 KLD has been installed. The treated water is being used for plantation within the premises.

Sewage treatment plant installed on campus is fully functional. Sewage generated by residential establishments, which include household waste, liquid from toilets, bath showers, kitchen & sink flows into it. It caters for treatment of sewage of the entire population staying on campus. Treated water is being used for watering lawns, vegetable gardens, cleaning and washing of roads, vehicles etc.

ii) Air Emissions and Noise Levels:

The University has installed noise free generators for power backup. No other point source of emissions like boiler, furnace etc. to run on fossil fuels, have been provided. So, the University does not generate Air & Noise Pollution.

iii) Land:

The land under the project is designated for Educational activities as per Karnataka Government. No additional burden on land has been created which may adversely affect land use patterns in the area. No natural drain is being obstructed. The University land does not interfere with any forest, wetland, river, lake, mountain, national park & sanctuary etc.

iv) Traffic Density:

The students are not allowed to keep their own vehicles in the hostel. The University has its own buses for local students. The layout has been planned to provide adequate space for parking within the campus.

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