Hostel Management

Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education (SSAHE) is Medical, Dental, Engineering & Technology and Research teaching institute of the country and presently offers MBBS, MD/MS in medical discipline, BDS & MDS in Dental discipline and B.E & M.Tech and MCA in Engineering and Technology discipline. Currently a total of 479 student in Medical & Dental courses and 1043 in Engineering & Technology courses are being given admission each year. The Academy provides residential facility to the students. General rules and Regulations regarding hostel administration are briefly outlined in this manual.

There are 16 hostels at Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education. The total capacity of accommodation to be available in these hostels is as follows:

On-Campus Hostel/s Details:

  • Sri Siddhartha Medical College and
  • Sri Siddhartha Dental College
Name of the Hostel Capacity for accommodations
Padmapani Girls Hostel 106 Rooms
(3/2 students in each rooms)
Sujata Kuteera Girls Hostel 76 Rooms
(2 students in each rooms)
Abhidhamma Girls Hostel 32 Rooms
(2 students in each rooms)
Rajagruha Girls Hostel 32 Rooms
(3/2 students in each rooms)
NRI Girls Hostel 76 Rooms
(2 students in each rooms)
Jeevaka Boys Hostel 98 Rooms
(2 students in each rooms)
Vajrapani Boys Hostel 114 Rooms
(3/2 students in each rooms)
Sravasthi Boys Hostel 32 Rooms
(3/2 students in each rooms)

Off-Campus Hostel/s Details:

Sri Siddhartha Institute of Technology

Name of the Hostel Capacity for accommodations
Lumbini Boys Hostel 108 Rooms
(3 students in each rooms)
Rajagruha Boys Hostel 120 Rooms
(4/5 students in each rooms)
Sanchi Girls Hostel 80 Rooms
(1/2 students in each rooms)
Teresa Girls Hostel 80 Rooms
(3/4 students in each rooms)
Sanghamithra Girls Hostel 160 Rooms
(3/4 students in each rooms)
Indira A Block Girls Hostel 80 Rooms
(3/4 students in each rooms)
Indira B Block Girls Hostel 80 Rooms
(3/4 students in each rooms)

Composition of the Hostel Management

Overall management of the hostel is by a “Hostel Committee” which comprises of the following members:

  • The Vice-Chancellor - Chairperson
  • Dean(s) / Principal’s of the Constituent Colleges
  • Deputy Warden (s) Member(s)
  • Residential Supervisor (s) Member (s)
  • Registrar – Member
  • One nominee from the Chancellor / BOM
  • Chief Warden- Member Secretary


Hostel committee is responsible for framing of overall management of the hostel, and its functions include:

  • Overall management of the hostel, including framing rules for the hostels, hostel mess, recreational facilities, and security personal.
  • Allocation of hostels or its parts to student groups, and to frame rules regarding allocation of rooms.
  • Overall supervision of hostel mess, award of contract to the agency running these services, mechanisms to ensure quality, hygiene and appropriateness of services offered.
  • Overall management of security services and arrangements for the hostels.
  • Human resource allocation in the hostels, including that of Supervisor and workers.

All the decisions taken by the Hostel committee will be executed by the Hostel administration. Hostel committee will meet at least four times in a year. An additional meeting may be convened by the Member Secretary as and when necessary.

Hostel Administration.

The hostel administration comprises of the following officers/staff in the order of hierarchy:

  • Chief Warden
  • Deputy Warden (s)
  • Supervisor (s)

General duties and responsibilities of the various post holders in the hostel administration are defined here. If required, the duties and responsibilities are subject to changes at any time with the approval from the Hostel committee.

Functions of Chief Warden:

The Chief Warden is responsible for overall administration of the hostel and is the authority in charge for all hostel related issues. Chief Warden is responsible for implementation of decisions taken by the hostel committee, through Deputy Warden and Supervisor.

Chief Warden will constitute sub-committees for smooth functioning of hostel services. These committees will have one Supervisor as a member secretary, and Chief Warden as a chairperson. Chief Warden will hold monthly review meetings of these committees. There will be four student representatives in each committee. These committees include:

  • Hostel mess sub-committee
  • Hostel maintenance sub-committee
  • Common Room sub-committee
  • Cleanliness sub-committee

Chief Warden is responsible to enquire into any acts of indiscipline, misconduct or inappropriate behavior brought to the notice of Wardens, and take an appropriate action in consultation with Dean (s) Principal/s of the Constituent Colleges) may consider discussing the matter with the hostel committee on a case-to-case basis.

Chief Warden shall have the administrative control over the staff assigned to the hostel to work for welfare of the students and ensure better facilities, and ambience of the hostel premises.

Functions of Deputy Warden.

  • To assist the Chief Warden in maintaining the discipline of the hostel and all other works.
  • To give permission to the Guests for residing in the common room on the request of the Students
  • Regular visit to the hostel to solve the problems of the students.
  • Ensure better interaction between the students ,Supervisor and hostel staff
  • To supervise the work of Supervisor
  • To take decision on the requests forwarded by the Supervisor.
  • Make duty roster of the Supervisor and support staff and take regular feedback from the students regarding the same.
  • Report any act of indiscipline/non-performance of the hostel staff to the Chief Warden for necessary action
  • To supervise various ledgers and registers of the hostel office
  • Communicate with the parents/guardians of the inmates.
  • To work closely with all hostel sub-committees.

Functions of Supervisor

  • Room allocation to the students, and to issue furniture/electrical items to each student for placement/installation in the room. The residential warden shall seek approval from the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden for the same.
  • Forward all the applications on hostel matters from students to the Deputy Warden.
  • To ensure proper maintenance of the hostel rooms, common room, toilets, mess and premises i.e. coordination with Electrical maintenance section, building section and sanitary department.
  • Maintain the proper record and recovery of hostel dues.
  • To ensure proper water supply and drinking water arrangement in the hostel.
  • Maintain the Hostel stock register
  • To report to the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden the names of the students who are violating the mess rules and defaulters in clearing the mess dues.
  • To maintain the leave record of the students (To keep a watch on the In and Out register)
  • Supervise the work of hostel support staff and security guards.
  • To maintain attendance registers.
  • Arrange for visit of students to the library during night.
  • Regular visit to students rooms to solve the day to day problems of the students
  • To advise and guide in the smooth running of the mess i.e display of the menu of the week and maintaining the quality of the food
  • Take action on the complaints noted in the complaint register
  • To maintain leave register for workers and forward their leave application to the honorary warden
  • To arrange for medical help (doctor/ambulance) to the students in case of any medical emergency.
  • To arrange for transport of students to airport/railway station during odd hours of night
  • Daily report to the Chief Warden about the maintenance of the civil and electrical works, discipline of the students, guest/visitor record and any other noticeable information. A consolidated report regarding the same should be mailed to the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden daily.
  • Supervisor will ensure that the security guards and mess supervisors perform the following tasks:

a. Security Guards

  • To maintain the entry and exit register of all hostel inmates.
  • To maintain a visitor register of all hostel inmates.
  • To keep a watch so that no unwanted student/person resides in the hostel without the permission of the Chief Warden.
  • To r
    eport any untoward incident to the Chief Warden / Deputy Warden

b. Mess supervisor

  • Preparation of the menu for the week in consultation with the student mess committee. Days for special meals
  • To avoid inconvenience to vegetarians, care should be taken in using separate utensils and refrigerators for veg items. Mess workers should be instructed to handle these separately.
  • Supervise and coordinate the mess workers
  • To maintain the quality of food
  • Maintain the mess premises in clean and hygienic condition
  • To make available the sick diet to students on request

Disciplinary Measures & Mess Rules: Disciplinary Measures and Mess Rules is prescribed in “Hostel Rules & Regulations” of the Academy, in the separate notification.

Frequency of Meeting: The committee shall meet as when required.