Purchase Committee

Sri Siddhartha Academy of Higher Education has 3 teaching institutions offering several degree programmes at graduate and post graduate levels. These institutions require different types of material which fall into both recurring and non recurring type. Non recurring requirements are generally in the form of equipment, instruments etc... while recurring requirements will be in the form of consumables such as chemicals and glass ware, raw material etc...It is felt necessary to have a systematic method of procurement so that the Academy can have a cost effective mode of purchase. Further, this also helps in assessing different sources from which the material can be bought and to procure them at least possible cost without compromising on the quality of material.

Composition of the Purchase Committee:

A Purchase Committee is constituted in the Academy whose constitution is as follows:

  • Vice-Chancellor- Chairperson
  • Dean(s)/Principal/s of the Constituent Colleges
  • Registrar Member
  • Finance Officer Member
  • Purchase Officer Member-Secretary (nominated by the Chancellor / BOM)
  • Indenting HOI/HOD Special Invitee.


  • The Member-Secretary shall obtain indents from the indenting departments/ institutions with all technical specifications and compile the same and put up to the committee
  • Indents for non recurring items must be placed by the concerned at least 3 months before the date it is required.
  • Based on the budgetary provisions to the institution and the urgency of the indent, the Committee shall decide to procure the indented items.
  • The Member-Secretary in consolation with the indenting officer shall arrange to get at least 3 quotations for each of the items which are approved by the Committee for purchase. Further, depending upon the discretion of the Committee, for material which is worth more than Rs. 10 Lakhs, the Member-Secretary may call for tenders to facilitate decision making by the Committee.
  • During the monthly meeting of the Committee, the Member-Secretary shall present the comparative statement from the quotations received for each item.
  • The Committee, after scrutiny of the comparative statement and after negotiations with the supplying firms, if any, decides on the source and the price of purchase.
  • The Member-Secretary shall arrange to complete the purchase process as per direction of the Committee and submit the process to Chancellor for approval.

Frequency of Meeting:

The Committee shall meet at least once in a month and scrutinize the indents received or shall meet as and when required.