Student Counseling Cell

The charges of the Committee are the following:

  • To set up a professionally staffed confidential Student Counseling Cell to provide assistance to students having personal, emotional, social and academic problems.
  • To ensure that the Student Counseling Cell has a team of experienced female and male faculty members acting as Counselors, who are accustomed to helping students from many different back grounds and cultures and with a wide range of personal issues.
  • To provide the counseling service free to all students of the college and to make it available throughout the year.
  • To ensure that counselor seeks to help students to focus on and understand more clearly the issues that concern him/her. By respecting his/her own values, choices and lifestyles; the counselor can work together with the student towards making choices or changes that are right for him/her. Some times, it is found that the students get depressed because of their failures most of which could be attributed to their lack of confidence and inhibitions.
  • To address specific problems relating to study, often in more structure approach focusing on improving study skills.
  • To implement proper programmes for Student Guidance and Mentioning at the department level. Individual faculty members handling a subject are volunteered to assist student who need extra help to maximize their learning out comes in the subject being taught. Faculty members act as mentors to provide individual or small group of students instructions outside of class lessons to meet an immediate learning need.
  • To ensure that regular tutorial classes are conducted in all subjects in order to understand the topics taught in a much simpler way and to develop problem solving skills.
  • To interact with English Department faculty members to offer special programmes to improve and enhance English Communication skills of the students coming from rural background to fare well in examinations and for future challenges.
  • To encourage the students to do quality work, creative problem-solving, promote self-learning, self-improvements and communication and help the students to reduce mistakes there by creating positive attributes throughout the study period at the college.