Transport Committee


The Transport Committee provides the Academy with a standard procedure for the acquisition, enhancement, use, control, maintenance, repair and disposal of the Academy vehicles and for the management of related forms of transport engaged for Academy activities.

Composition and Operations:

The membership of the committee shall be composed of:

  • The Vice-Chancellor & Registrar holds delegated authority from, and is responsible for all aspects of the Academy Transport Committee
  • Dean(s) / Principal/s of the Constituent Colleges -members
    Appointment and operations of the Committee members will be in accordance with Board of Management the Academy.

Accountability to the Board of Management:

  • The Committee has no authority to direct Administration or to commit Good Spirit Academy /College Division unless specifically authorized by the Board of Management through Board motion.
  • The Committee shall keep a record of its meetings and the Chair shall provide reports to the Board on all activities at the next Board meeting.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Subject to the powers and duties of the Board, the Transportation Committee will perform the following duties:
  • Review transportation policies and provide recommendations to the Board of Management.
  • Review transportation administrative procedures and provide feedback to Board of Management
  • Hear delegations on decisions of the Transportation Administration and seek to resolve disputes
  • Prior to an appeal being brought forward to the Board of Management as a whole Network with transportation staff including technicians and bus drivers
  • Review the terms of reference for the Transport Committee annually and make recommendations to the Board of Management as required

Staff Support:

The Transport Officer or designate shall be the recording secretary to the Committee.

External Advisors:

The Committee may engage independent advisors at the expense of Good Spirit College/Institution Division when it deems necessary, subject to the approval of the Board of Management.

Transport Officer:

The Transport Officer shall be appointed by the Board of Management of the Academy and he works under the direction of the authorities of the Academy.

Functions of the Transport Officer:

  • Record on a central database all vehicle details and relevant information.
  • Maintain pick up and drop schedule with time table of all the constituent colleges and departments maintain vehicles in a safe and roadworthy condition at all times
  • Maintain vehicles in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended service schedule by an authorized service provider
  • Direct that vehicles be operated only in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions
  • Direct that continuing arrangements for the proper garaging and/or securing of vehicles are effected;
  • Be responsible for the interior and exterior cleanliness of vehicles;
  • Maintain a register of Authorized Users;
  • Direct that vehicles are used only by Authorized Users;
  • Direct that vehicles are never used for personal purposes;
  • Direct that only members of the Academy or other persons specifically authorized by the Section Head / Dean /Principal of colleges / Heads of Academy department or their nominee travel in Academy vehicles
  • Coordinate with the Deputy Registrar regarding any and all damage as a result of accidental or deliberate act and organize effective repairs by a suitable repairer at the earliest opportunity and submitted on a weekly/monthly basis to the Deputy Registrar.
  • Direct that all elements of this policy, as amended from time to time, are complied with ensure that smoking, administration of illicit drugs, betel nut chewing or consumption of alcohol is not conducted in vehicles provide a certification, each year for annual accounts purposes that, vehicles have been operated in accordance with this policy in the preceding calendar year and
  • Be responsible to ensure the Academy Logo is affixed to all Academy vehicles.

Frequency of Meetings: The Committee will meet on an as needed basis.